We're Redefining the Startup Dynamic...

In a world where 90% of startups fail, TheStartup.com is dedicated to changing this statistic.

TheStartup.com is a SaaS PLATFORM dedicated to helping organizations streamline entrepreneurial readiness by creating custom online ecosystems that facilitate interactive playbook curricula and next best actions, as well as community and communications tools that connect to jobs, mentors, demo days, funding access, and marketplace offerings.



Why TheStartup.com?

TheStartup.com is making participation easier for ALL interested in entrepreneurship by providing a framework for success through our customizable platform.

We are driven by the challenges and rewards of supporting the educational, social impact and commercial digital infrastructure needs of those in start-up management, as well as the demands of new startup founders. Our goal is to help grow new ideas by making the process supportive, connected and with tools that are always available, so individuals can develop their solutions at their own pace.

TheStartup.com adapts to the needs of varied organizations:


Future Generations: 

Enabling a next generation of thinkers and problem solvers to access entrepreneurial.


Serving the Underserved:

Connecting minorities and the underprivileged to opportunities for business independence through entrepreneurial endeavors. Demonstrating how entrepreneurship can revitalize local communities.

Corporate Impact:

Demonstrating how enterprise brands can communicate and connect with entrepreneurs at all stages of their life cycle.

Ideas Start Here

The PLATFORM makes participation easier for ALL interested in entrepreneurship.


Your platform will be aligned to your brand identity so that it looks and feels like part of your organization from day one. Guidance through any relevant stage: idea, start a business, scale a business.

Content & Curriculum

Integrate current programs easily and gauge who on the team is doing the work.

Next Best Actions

List of prescribed tasks to complete, validate and progress

Self Directed

Supportive process with tools that are always available, so individuals can develop their solutions at their own pace.

Central Communications

With today’s messaging overload, a centralized platform makes communications easier.

Resource Matching

Job listings, affinity marketplace for local service providers. Investor Ready.

Thought Leaders Podcasts

Professor James Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at Southern Methodist University. A graduate of SMU himself, he has lived in Oslo, where he was the founder of The International Theatre Academy of Norway, and Taipei, where he co-founded the Worldwide Art Collective theatre festival, before returning home to Dallas..

Listen to the Podcast

Julienne Shields, CEO of USASBE, or the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, shares her thoughts on the trends and challenges in entrepreneurial education as she connects with her organization’s 800 members.

Listen to the Podcast

A former Trinity student himself, Joe Lanzillotta specializes in turning scribbles on napkins into startup companies. In his three years managing Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, he has helped innovators investigate the feasibility of their ideas by taking a series of bite-sized practical steps.

Listen to the Podcast

What Our Customers Say

Joseph Lanzillotta

Student Entrepreneurship Programme Manager

Tangent, Trinity College Dublin

“The Team at TheStartup.com delivered us our unique platform in a quick and efficient manner. We are delighted with the results, and so are our students”.

Joe O'Carroll

Chief Executive


“Maintaining momentum and engagement with the members of our ecosystem is always challenging with so many demands on everyone’s time. This engagement was particularly difficult during COVID times when physical meetings weren’t possible.

We set out to find a platform that enabled us to have a resilient method of engagement with our members and partners, irrespective of whether physical gatherings were possible or not. The platform we chose was YourEcosystem from TheStartUp.com.

We selected them after a competitive tendering process as they were able to give us exactly what we wanted – an ease to administer a platform where our partners can interact and where we can upload Masterclasses and Playbooks of interest to them, while facilitating the communication channels for our members. The added bonus was the built-in marketplace that we are able to customise to our requirements and to offers that appeal to our tech ecosystem members.”

Steven Lewis

Executive Director

The Boost Pad

“TheStartup.com has been an invaluable partner to the Boost Pad. As an early stage incubator for underinvested women and minority entrepreneurs, the Startup.com understood our mission and helped to develop the digital infrastructure to grow and support our Ecosystem.”

About Us

We are driven by the challenges and rewards of supporting the educational, commercial, and social impact ecosystem needs of those in start-up management, as well as the demands of individual entrepreneurs and teams of new founders.

The idea for TheStartup.com PLATFORM™ began with TheStartup.com’s own requirements to build a suite of digital tools for our incubator clients. After failing to find an existing solution, we opted to create our own software that addressed the issues faced by startups and startup communities around the world—so they could launch, grow, and scale. After surveying over 2000 entrepreneurs and over 100 startup communities, we ensured that TheStartup.com PLATFORM™ would provide connectivity, digital tools, data management, customization, mentor facilitation, e-learning, financial management, and portfolio management.

In a world where 90% of startups fail, TheStartup.com is dedicated to changing this statistic.