The World’s First Virtual Incubator

For over 10 years, has been has been helping entrepreneurs and founders create Startups and to innovate ideas with a “Workplace Without WallsTM” mentality.

We feel that regardless of demographics, geography, acumen or gender, EVERYONE deserves a shot at new company incubation.
We believe that this entrepreneurial empowerment should be delivered beautifully through a customizable and completely
digitized experience.


We are forecasting over 150 million new Startups over the next ten years in the US and in Western Europe. How do we empower and service all of these new ventures? While we love and support the “bricks and mortar” model of today’s incubators and accelerators, the costs (to build and to join), geographical limitations and cultural divisions limit the ability for a shared space environment to service such a vast number of entrepreneurs.


There are certain “Entrepreneurial Rights” that should be inherent for Startup Incubation Success. There are six questions that coincide with the “Entrepreneurial Rights” that each Startup and each entrepreneur must answer:

Is my Idea viable?

Do I have the knowledge I need to Execute?

Do I have the digital tools that I need to Execute?

Do I have the guidance and advice I need to Execute?

Do I have the team and service providers I need to Execute?

Do I have the funding needed to Execute?

All of this can be answered and provided in a Virtual Ecosystem ->


We believe that our platform will help to usher in a new generation of Startups that possess a willingness to learn virtually, utilize virtual tools and accept advice from across the country or globe as opposed to from across the room.

In short, it’s for Everyone!


We have created a “Workplace Without WallsTM.” We have created an environment (an ecosystem rather) where ideas can become reality
and the pathway to MVP (Minimally Viable Product) and even POC
(Proof of Concept) can be compressed.

The direct to consumer revolution has led the Startup community to embrace and even demand the “Digitization of the Experience”, the “Virtualization of Advice” and even the “Omnipresence of Everything.”

Test your Idea for Free!